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Willy back from bodyshop...

got my bonnet and driver rear quarter done, they were a total mess before due to some chipsaway cowboy thinking he could fix it, he left it in an shocking state! im absolutely chuffed to bits with the job, im actually going to enjoy washing it now without the mess on the bonnet staring at me, got them both done 150 quid, just waiting on my new tailgate coming from king stromba and shes gonna be absoultley immaculate again :)

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yep very nice , what did chipsaway attually do to the car ?? just curious as ive had bad experiences with bodyshops
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Looks good.

Also had a bad Chips Away experience. They made my old car look worse when they tried to fix a couple off scratches, and had the cheek to say he would not charge me. He should have payed me!