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Willy gear ratios

According to the CCC artical on this site the first 4 are identical to the valver but fifth is longer presumably so the lower revving williams isnt embarrased top end. So if anyone knows these. I found Renault dead helpful with geometry specs try e-mailing your local lot.

Fair enough just quoting the article. Thought it made sense though lower limit means you need 3rd for 60 unlike a valver which does it in 2nd.
  mk2 172

woots, thinking about it its not way wrong, but they are different, sufficient to make a williams engine with a valver box slower
  mk2 172

taller gearing, look at mat browns stage 2 2.0 16v, very fast upto 60 but looking at our times on the last 1/8 of mile and finishing speed we were reeling him in, in a virtual sense. purely cos of the taller gears, stick a closer box on and it would be a bit quicker