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willy vs VTS rematch

  mk2 172

went out and had a play with rhys last night now his car is fixed.on one vid i kept just in front cos we set off in first and imo the vts is a lttle bit quicker in first and second so i keep in front all the time (hes on my bumper like) but you cant see him so the vid is pointles! thats upto bout tad over 100. in the second vid its a rolling start from 40, again from watching it my slight edge in 2nd sees me get his lights level with my bumper at when i change to fourth at 90 something he pulls level til i hit the power and stay level til bout 110. if there was more road i think hed have started getting ahead. so by my reckoning of a standing start youd see the willy come past about 110 ish. i wouldnt fancy a rolling start in fourth put it that way.

  mk2 172

ah yeah, iv sent the vid to mathew so when he comes on im sure he will host it


now iv gotta go to work at 08:00 :(


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Craggy -

You need to get that VTS on the rollers to see what its putting out...

My old 106 GTi was making way more than it should.
  mk2 172

looking at it again actually when i see the power in fourt i start to creep my nose further, so maybe fifth would see me at the disadvantage.

so that concludes it, every valver iv raced iv beat, top end included, all have been modified.

now i can match a williams to at least 110 which is right as a williams can also pull away from a valver

paddy, depends on a few things!

Craggy - yup, Id agree. It is very very close to high speeds and I think even if going up to 130mph there wouldnt be much in it. BTW, I notice that are not so interested in the result this time round :eek:;)


Just a de-cat. The exhaust system has been very badly fitted and needs to go back for attention, but it is just a standard system apart from the cat.

  williams and trophy

rhys get to a powerflow dealer near you

£250 will get u a zorst like mine lol

and hopefully the power increase to match