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Willy vs Z3 2.8

  mk2 172

what an adrenaline rush, and yet another scalp and two of the most surprised faces iv seen. was patroling the doncaster nurburgring when i stumbled across a nice shiny bmw heading towards me on a roundabout, so i decided id go the same way to see if hed play, there were two guys in it who looked like the mitchell brothers in it and he kept looking in his mirror(trhe driver) then when a car in front moved over he booted it, by the time id knocked it down a couple of cogs he was three cars in front and i seemed to hold the gap then we had to slow down at about 80, we then had a few minutes of traffic before our next roundabout which opened onto a dual carriageway. i knew he wad up for it so this time i was ready for it, we came round the roundabout and both nailed it off of it and he had the advantage cos he started in front, first and second was similar with me staying about a car and half behind then yes i started to REEL him in, by 80 i went for fourth ans my bumper was level with his exhaust, got a rally pop, at just over 90 id took him level and we had to brake sharpish, i moved back over behind him as he was in the lane i wanted to be in then flashed him as i turned off and he gave me a thumbs up.

this is a scalp im chuffed with as i thought these would be as fast as a 330ci, obviously not. anyone know there 0-100?, cos mines faster


Craggy I thought I had stumbled into your world the other night when I had a play with a F355 and an Elise, buts that an other story!!

Anyway the stats!

BHP 0-30 0-60 0-100 1/4 ET
193 2.4 6.6 17.3 15.1 94
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Z3 1.9 = 10.2
Z3 2.2 = 7.7
Z3 3.0 = 5.9 =231BHP
Z3 M3 3.2 = 325 BHP

Good bit of driving to take a 2.8l one.

Not a bad scalp but those 2.8 z3s aint the quickest of cars out there and they push out less than 200bhp (190ish bhp if i remember correctly) now if you go find one of the newer 3ltr ones that should be more challenging (231bhp )

  mk2 172

cheers for the stats there teady, an elise happens to be another one of my victims actually although it takes til about 115mph to pass one as a good friend of mines owns one, and tests have been carried out.
  mk2 172

ive raced a couple of 330s with 230 bhp, one i didnt do to bad ass i set off first, took him a while to pass and the second i fukt up my set off and got wasted
  VW Transporter 174

A major talent like you is waisted up north,you should be down here in Essex mixing it with the Top Guns.
If you work hard at your driving you could end up being a major "player" like the Slayer
I never acknowledge BMW drivers as in my opinion there Scum!
I stayed with a 330 ALL the way on friday and when i pulled alongside he looked gutted

172 Slayer
  mk2 172

you crack me up too, maybe one day our flight paths will cross slayer, like highlander, we will all be driving round a city till only one is so do you rove the a roads searching for victims like i do slayer?, im addicted to street racing.

  BMW 320d Sport

hehe thats more like it slayer. Yeah youre spot on about one thing, Essex is definitely Top Gun country. Im Maverick and that makes you Goose. Actually on second thoughts maybe Ill be Iceman...

328s are common round my hunting grounds and theyre easy pickings. 330s are a good race. The Z3 3.0 is the first real bad boy in the range. A good scalp though mate. I wanna see your mean machine quarter mile, from the sounds of it you should pull something in the 14s.
  mk2 172

i wish nick! since its gonna be my first outing iv set myself a challege of 15.3, and want a terminal speed in the 90s. id be chuffed with high 14s tho dont get me wrong!, guess its down to me and the car on the day

  mk2 172

hey greeper, got a bone to pick with you boyo, is that sarcasm i detect as you imply the 2.8 dont exist????

  VW Transporter 174

Old Auto Car.....

Z3 2.8

0-60 6.7
max 134
0-100 18.4
30-70 5.9
50-70 8.3

192 bhp
202 lbs torque

weight 1335

anyone care to work out the power/weight as it looks a bit lardy to me.