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windows misting


  182 Arctic Blue

Since I was out in a bad rainstorm a fews months back my windows seem to have gathered some sort of film on them when the windows got really misted. It seems to be the rear windscreen that mists up the worst and at night when there are cars behind their headlights reflect off it making it impossible to see out of at times - this ive only really noticed the past few weeks when its been getting dark. I have tried all sorts of material to try and clean them up good (t-shirts, shammy etc) nothing seems to work that well ive also just been and given them a right good clean to see if that helps. Ive also tried turtle wax glass cleaner and some other glass cleaner. I do have the circulate button on most of the time cos I hate stinking buses etc but i try to stick the blowers up full with it off when in not in traffic.

Anyone else get this & any tips on stopping this and any decent stuff I can buy from halfords like anti-mist??
  Clio 1.6 16V

I think your last sentence just explained your problem! Basically, using the re-circulation mode any moisture in the car cant get out, condensing on the cold window surfaces. Probably more noticable now that the outside temperatures have dropped.

You could try moving to another area or wearing a gas mask!;).

Regards a window cleaner, I find you cant beat good old methylated spirits.


  182 Arctic Blue

yeah i know it makes a difference but it seems to happen on the rear regardless of the blower settings or even having the windows open when its 2 deg c <shiver> - quite annoying.

like the gas mask idea would get quite a few looks down my local high street :)

I had a similar know what I found it out to be? The glass cleaner. Just use normal water (preferably hot) and possibly some soapy water (try persil washing liquid) and then wash it off really well, use lots of water, and when its dry wash it again with just plain water and use some old newspaper to dry it. I know it sounds mad, but for some reason newspaper drys windows really well without a smear. Do it on both sides of the window. Apart from on the outside clean your wipers aswell. Then dry the outside part of the window by using your wipers.

I havent got a recircilation button on my old clio, but I did have to do a lot of blasting with the vents before I did this cleaning method...also I live in the country, so its nice and clean air that comes into my car.

Also on a different note I left work last night (about 2030) and left for home. It was very very cold out, and my rear window was steamed up ( i had parked so the front was covered up by a tree) i pressed the heated rear window button. I drove to the pub to pick my dad up, waited there for 2 mins, drove home. All in all about a 15-20 min drive. And the damn thing hadnt demisted. Looked virtually the same as it was when I started, apart from it had loads of thin clear lines running through it. I have never had it take that long before!