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Windows product key


ClioSport Club Member
  182 & Dci 100
Afternoon lads,

A member on here very kindly posted me a copy of the windows vista i needed so icould reinstall it and try and fix my craptop.

However, i have typed in the product key and it says the product keycannot be validated.

Any ideas?
  Bus w**ker
OEM key probably. You'd need a copy of Vista for that manufacturer or a corporate copy, IIRC.

Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

ClioSport Club Member
ring up microsoft and tel them your situiation. my tower pc fudged up, got a disk and it wouldnt let me validate the PK, so rang them up and he asked me a few questions, gave me a key.


ClioSport Club Member
My girlfriend is suffering something similar on her laptop. Windows 7, genuine copy and it is saying her version has an invalid product key. Entering the product key she has from the CD/packaging does nothing!

My advice is to get a MacBook but that didn't go down well.
It might be hard to believe but Microsoft do have a support team and they are quite helpful.

Try phoning them - they're usually Irish so can understand you.


  FN2 Type R
My laptop did this too.

So I fucked it into a cupboard somewhere till I can be arsed buying a Mac.