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Windscreen washer...

On a 172(X reg) where is the windscreen washer pump located, front. Mine has stopped working back still works fine so assuming different pumps? Any other reason for no water from my washers? Yes there is water in the reservoir!

Thanks Mat.
it's a single pump for the front and the back maybe the lines or nozzels are blocked?
it's underneath the scuttle panel on the passenger side you can just about get it out without taking the wipers off.the pumps can be funny buggers and sometimes not put the water to the end you want you can take it apart and all will be revealed
  Lots of Alfas
Its very common for them to go on mk2 Clios, they are about £9 from Renault or about £7 from Halfords. Its located as mentioned above under the scuttle panel, careful when disconnecting as it will piss water all over your drive.