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winter is here=slow down

Winters deffo here... and i come round the round about near my work sideways this morning.... the back end just drifted out, didnt realise it untill i went to straighten up!! :eek:

accelerater pedals taking a little break i think for next 3-4 months untill it drys and warms, the roads are too greasy now.

This also reminds us that however ugly a Scooby is, its built with proper protection for the passenger cell. Im not too sure if id walk away from a 6 x rollover in my 172! (Which I got instead of my Scooby, cos of the new Company Car tax regs.)

Jeeez - Thats a mess. Very lucky to have had that field there I reckon.

Renault do always get top bannana marks in the NCAP crash tests though.

Feet off the naughty pedal folks....

I was dancing like a ballerina this morning in me car as blipped that darn naughty pedal only slightly!

Curse 2WD...
  Skoda Fabia vRS

have you ever seen Clio crash pictures, proper test pictures, there rather worrying tbh


  Shiny red R32


Drive very carefully during the firefighterss strikes, because the army wont have the same equipment or the expertise to cut you out of your car should the worst case scenario happen!


a perfect example of why we need to slow down folks..

heres another,

was on the way to see a mate last night, was descending a long straight when I realised to my horror that the road was white and shiny, a rather recent hailstorm has passed over, depositing its greasy load on the road. I left off the brake and changed down to 2nd from 4th, gently applying the brake after I dropped to 30mph. Was v. scary and Im glad it was a long straight, not the set of bends 1/4 mile further down the road. The roads were fine on my side of the hill between our houses, but it just goes to show, you really never know whats around the next bend. You could find a scooby in a field for example!