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Winter prep!!

  Clio mk3 1.2 Extreme
Been asked by a couple of people now what sort of things i've done to my car lately as they want something similar done. So made a list of the following:

- Wash 2BM Megs gold class
- Rinse
- Wheels Bilberry 5:1
- Tyre megs hot shine
- Car Lack sealent
- 2 layers of sonax or megs wax

Been getting results like this:




Most of the cars have already been polished by me so dont need polishing. Point is though before i do this how much would you recommend charging? Dont want to scare people away with silly prices and loose out on sales
  Clio mk3 1.2 Extreme
Yeah going to buy a nicer wax when i get paid probably. Thats the kind of price i was thinking of charging but think that it may scare people away :S


ClioSport Club Member
  Extreme mode
Dont knock the car lack its VERY good. Just beacuse its not called dodo, its w**k on here........