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wired squek when slowing

  clio sport 172
hey peopl ive got a wired squek ing noise come ing from dash board area i think when slowing doen or moveing off slow and then easeing off kinda thing , dont know how to explain it. has any one els had this ?
Funny you should say that because my 182 is making a noise in exactly the same situations, kinda like a squeak/rattle. After much experimenting I think it part of the exhaust or something similar rattling...

Try these experiments:
1. Whilst stopped - in neutral gradually increase the revs until the noise comes - mine makes the squeaking rattley noise at about 4k. This tells me its obviously not suspension/drive train related (prob a good thing!!!)

2. Handbrake on tight put the car in first or reverse and find the biting point on the clutch - dont stall or let the car roll foward, just let the revs dip. I know its not good for the clutch but when my revs dip the rattle comes and if you lean out of the door and look under the car it is coming from the exhaust near the engine area.

Going to stick it on a ramp tmrw and see what I can find. Hope that helps at all!!
  clio sport 172
think i may have found the promlem , i had a lose bolt on the air-con pipeing bhind the drive head lamp , so pipes were moved ing found by giveing them a riggel and it made same sound , now done bolt up and dose not do it at moment so hope fully problem found , thanks for input every one. hope you find you fault mate , up date the post when you do