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Wireless network help

Basically my sister has a new laptop, the wireless MAC address starts with '70-1A etc.' but when I enter it in my router settings it says it's an invalid MAC address. I entered the one for the same laptop on the 'ethernet MAC address' but that doesn't work. Any ideas?
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Turn off MAC filtering, join the wireless network on the laptop then in the web admin add it to the allowed list, it should have picked up the MAC automatically :)

Turn MAC filtering back on...
That's an idea, it never picked it up automatically so was unsure if anything was possible. Will give it a go now cheers :)

Edit: it still can't find it in the list. There's none on there, not even the ones that work. I've always entered the MAC addresses manually to the 'allowed' list.
  Go cry to your momma!

You could try getting the MAC from it's properties in device manager as the sticker on the bottom may be wrong?

Are you entering it in the correct format with it's colons?