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Wireless router settings


ClioSport Admin
Last week I set a password on my old mans wireless router. Since doing it my phone and iPad won't remember the password and I have to enter it every time I connect.

There's no issues with my old mans PC and laptop, they stay connected without asking for a the password.

Anyone know if its the settings on the router that need adjusting or will it be the iPad and iPhone that need sorting out?

Oh and the other thing is that I cannot connect to iTunes Store on either device through the router but it works on 3G.

Hmm I had this problem with a customer, but for the life of me cannot remember how I sorted it :(

Is the wireless SSID the same as any others you connect to. Like if his and yours are both called "Internet" and both have different password the device will get confused connecting from one network to the other.


ClioSport Admin
Ok it seems I've managed to sort it. Instead of selecting the router from this list that pops up I did it by selecting the 'other' option and entering the name of the router manually. Seems to be working fine now fingers crossed.