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Wiring loom help . . .

Spent the day stripping the Wiring loom out (airbags, electric window motors, central locking, speakers, digital display, radio) and just realised i also mistakenly cut the OBD port wiring while cutting the airbag loom out . . . . Is this a big issue?

On top of that i also cant get the car to turn over, turn the key and all i get is a high pitch sound coming from the right hand side of the engine, no crank, nothing

How simple is it to make a new starter / ignition loom so i dont need to use a key? "battery on" switch and then push button start?

I also wont to put the lights, wipers, etc on switches? would it be simpler to again make a new loom or cut and rewire the existing?

All help much appreciated.


  clio 172 ph1,golf v5
You'll need an aftermarket ecu to run a push button start mate because of the immobiliser.


ClioSport Club Member
There is nothing stopping you having a push button start with the std ECU but you would need the key in the ignition still or near the immobiliser ring thing that surrounds the key barrel.

Attacking the loom the way you have often ends in tears.
It's a 172cup.

Things have probably gone wrong with the loom in my eagerness to strip the car . . . . so I've asked diamond motors to price up a custom jobby.

Can you not strip everything out and bypass the immobiliser with the standard ecu??


ClioSport Club Member
The ECU, UCH and key are all locked together and need to speak to each other for it to work.

I don't know if you can have the immobilser deactivated, I've heard people say you can do it on ph1s.

If you can it would probably be worth you joining all the wires you've cut back up and get it running again. Then break them one at a time checking it all still runs after each cut.