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WMS pics from show, 56k warning

  mk2 ph1
I think the picture of the hummer is funny where you can see me in the reflection.

Was my first show really so took a few, got a few vids uploading now, will add the links when there done, only a couple of the drifting
  Vectra :(
Nice pics mate.

Loving the irony of the 206cc all modded up and on the back bumper an advert for "sleeper-performance" :S


ClioSport Club Member
  Evo 6/Ph1 v6/R34
looks like a great show lots of different stuf! the camper was awsome so clean....and that honda s2000 yummy!


great pics loved the chargespeed must of been well oiled, or seriously smaked of ya tits when ya took them pics lol
  mk2 ph1
lol yeh i do get a bit excited and cant hold the camera at the right angle. Was a really good day with some really nice cars on display, hopefully i can go with cliosport next time :)
Shouldve gone up with us on the stand mate. Get your name down next year!
That charge speed sccoby is my mates, its his third one as hes rolled the other 2!