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Won my carbon bonnet

  Civic Type -R FN2
just won it off ebay this morning.

brand new all holes pre drilled


  Civic Type -R FN2
ive been wanting one for ages but the ones at k-tec are £350 dont know how to quality will differ but time will tell
  172 gone :( 197 now :)
Carbon under street lights.... mmmmmm!!!! You'll know what i mean when u get it fitted! ;-)
  ph1 172 / r1 mini project
sorry hope im not gate crashing the thread aswell! but has anyone got any pics of a silver mk1 172 with a carbon bonnet on?? i cant picture in my head if it will look s**t or not with the silver, sum colours go really well contrasting (bubbles yellow). i know the main aim is to save weight but it still needs to look well!!!
  Civic Type -R FN2
they look ace on silver in my opinion, im sure someone will have some pictures on their pc somewhere bud.
  ph1 172 / r1 mini project
i think wud prob look well, im gettin my super t's refurbed in anthracite grey along with a ktec rear carbon spolier, mite have keep an eye out for a mk1 bonnet me thinks!
Mr RSi said:
not a 172 but close . mines for sale mate

Lol Imo I don't like that at all lol.
I think carbon bonnets only suit some cars, Like i think its bubbles car thats gold/carboon looks nice, It will probly look nice on black to
i've just got myself a vented carbon one for my black mk2 clio should look good with my carbon f1 mirrors to