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Won't start, wet footwell


ClioSport Club Member
Yesterday when starting the car after a run, it took 3 goes to get it started. Went back to the car 30 mins later and it started fine, stopped at the services and now it won't start.

The car cranks fine
The immobiliser light goes out
New crankshaft sensor
Live data shows engine speed
Fuel relay clicks
Took the fuel line off the rail and cranked and petrol came out.
There is no spark, replaced it with 2 others and new plugs and still won't start
Injectors do not seem to be pulsing.

When I was getting it recovered the driver noticed the passenger footwell was very wet. He said if the drainage pipes were blocked and water had got it, it might have got to the uch and that I would just need to clean it up? Obviously I'm going to give this a go as soo. As I can but failing that, what else could it be?
  Clio 197,with megan'
Wet inside, is usually Scuttle drains, or drivers door, I doubt if its connected to car not starting. Hopefully someone on here will have the answer for you.


ClioSport Club Member
Got it started today.
Had a look around the footwell, one relay looked like it had got wet so I replaced that, everything else looked dry. But it didn't solve the problem.

Also replaced the fuel pump relay.

Had another go at just playing with all the wires, especially to the coil pack. After a while it started and has been OK since. I'm kind of isolating it to the plug or cable going to the coil pack.

When we tested it last night when it wouldn't started, it seemed to be getting about 3v to the third pin when cracking it. Is this right?
How do I test that enough power is going to the coil pack from the cable as we've ruled out the coil pack with 2 cloil packs, one of which was known to be working.