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Wont start???

Jumped in the car this morning to find it wouldnt start? The radio, air con, lights, etc all work fine so i dont think its the battery, however, saying that the clock had reset itself to 0:00. Also, when turning the key i can hear the cd changer going through a complete cycle, as if its checking all the cartridges for the first time. When trying to kick it over i just get a clicking noise but the engine and starting motor does nothing.

It's as if the imobilizer has f00ked up and not allowing the car to start? Any ideas please?

Oh its a 52reg 172.
just tried the car again with the other key but no luck. however, when locking up the car the alarm beeps either 3 times or 5 with a long beep at the end? sounds like the alarm/imobilizer is stopping the car from starting? suggestions on a post card plz??
  Titanium 182
Its the battery connect jump leads up & keep the other car running for a couple of mins then try starting it.

I shat myself when my 182 did it because it doesn't crank over just clicks loud and fast lol.
  Bumder With A Buffer
Aye duff battery.

On a side note I still need to get one for mine! Bloody thing resets everything in the winter and ahs done for about 2 years! :eek:

Cheap place online??
thanks... i thought it may be the starting motor!

i managed to bump start it in reverse by rolling down the street! i then let the car run for 10 minutes and turned it off. im now able to kick it over again? do you still think its a duff battery?
  Titanium 182
Running it for ten mins has charged it enough to let it start, aye battery may be on its way out unless you have left the lights on overnight or something ?
cheers, gonna leave it for a couple of hours and give it another go. will take it to halfords and get em to check/replace the battery.

thanks for you help, saved me a mechanic call out ;)