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Work "CAD" PC Builds

  Bumder With A Buffer
Evening all,

Looking for a bit of help regarding a possible build of a Decent spec CAD pc for work purposes.

At the minute they are buying Dell Vostro machines and sticking a really basic AMD/Nividia graphics card in them. Some of the guys are using them for solidworks design and moan like hell that sometimes they are slow etc. I use mine for some PCB CAD work and when importing .step file into solidworks my god mine is slow....can take 30 minutes sometimes to process everything.

Take today, our "IT" guy is off work all week and someones PC has gone tits up, won't boot at all, well attempts to for about 2 seconds yet nothing no bios or anything....I have nailed it down to either mobo or CPU issue, I tried a new/same PSU in it, changed the RAM from my machine into it and removed all hard-drives etc and still no "boot". Also tried the CMOS battery just incase. This leaves the guy with no PC to use..but the data on the hdd is okay.

Now I suspect they will moan again about having to buy a new machine and probably buy another cheapish Dell or I wondered if I could through into the mixer about building one from scratch that could do the same as the vostro, cheaper and with better components.

A Vostro is what about £400-£500 from what I can see (I have no idea what model they actually bought). Im sure a decent spec build could be bought, built for less then that? Screens etc are already there just the "bare" pc.

Just had a look on ebuyer and such like and I think its do-able easy...what do you guys reckon??
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Lenovo does some good spec cheapish machines running i5s which are plenty powerful enough for CAD.
Get a zoostorm pc. Ebuyer currently don't have any i5 zoostorm but will have next Thursday (I know this because I've just pre ordered 45 of them), stick in a good graphics card and there you go.

£270 ex vat for one