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Would a raised rev limiter be better for acceleration.

I was just thinking would raising the rev limiter be better or worse for acceleration, cause after a certain point the car is losing power higher up in the rev range. Going to get my superchip and get my rev limiter raised anyway Anyway discuss people.



this ia from experience in my 172
i find in the 172 when full warmed up and driven hard,once it hits the limiter(easy in forst and second) and you change up the car is slow to pick up again. its a bit like turbo lag but i dont know if its the clutch or fbw throttle. either way you lose some time
so with a raised limiter you can reach into the top of the rev range without having the engine cut out by the its a 16v engine so its designed to be reved hard


Hi Wongy,

My car doesnt do what you just discribed. I think maybe you had a bad car or sometime?, what I do notice is that you have to change gear really quick in the 172 for quick accel. What I mean in my other cars you could afford to be a little slower in changing gear where as the 172 loses revs a lot quicker than any of the cars ive had before. Come on people put down some of your thoughts (spelling).


My 2 cents, I noticed the the clutch is a bit crappy in the 172 and that if you dont full press/release is you will easily slip it and the revs go nuts and the power goes down.

No, because peak torque and power is way below the standard rev limiter in nearly every road car.

The only benefit is you will carry more revs to the next ratio so speed will pick up again more quickly. Road car ratios are generally fairly long so they can reach top speeds of 120+mph...
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As Cliocup said, the only advantage to having a higher rev limiter is the extra flexibility it gives you - eg in a long corner you might want to stay in gear even though you might be past the power band, or you can go past the power band and then change up to drop you right back in the middle of the power band, rather than below it.

I was thinking of having the limiter at 7500-7600 when I get the car chipped. I think it might help acceleration in 4th maybe?.


Get the car on a rolling road/dyno and see what sort of power and torque is available at the top end of the rev range. If theres alot (like if you had a Honda V-tec) it may be worth uping the limit but personally i think the extra few hundred revs will make more noise than power on almost any Clio.

Just read somewhere that for best acceleration, you rev your car in the current gear till a certain point so when you change gear it will drop right onto the max torque section of the rev range. Wheres max torque on a Clio 172?.


What ever happens you want to keep the revs above 5500. This i beleve (correct me if im wrong) is where the cars VVT kicks in. Ideally then you want the car to be able to rev towards a limit so than when the next gear is selected you smash straight back into the 5500 + powerband (all be it a small one as power starts to drop off later)

Any on got any suggestions as to this?

I reckon 7500 would probably do it but im guessing

  172 sport,

i heard it kicks in at 6200+ so in that case a higher rev would help coz it cuts out as quick as it cuts in
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Dont go for a super chip heard bad things about them. Go for a uni chip or ring Nick at Hillpower as I think hes planning to sort a chip out for the 172.
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My engine note changes and pulls harder and visibly looks faster when it reaches 5500 rpm. It now revs to 7600 rpm and every preceding gear is slotted into the exciting zone, each gear starts at a higher rpm due to higher speed. I can now do 125+ in 4th and something like 100 in 3rd, which is nice.

Steve, my car will be rolling roaded straight after the chips istalled. If its running lean them it will be fixed there and then. I know Hillpower are doing a chip soon, but I want one now Unichip is far to expensive for what I want.