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Would you buy a home cinema off ebay?

  Audi A3
Hi guys,

I'm looking to buy a new TV cinema system.

Our TV is Panasonic so initially I wanted to keep the brands the same.

I wasn't too fussed on a blu-ray player as I've got the PS3 for that, but then thought it'd be good to have that upstairs.

Then I started looking at packages off ebay. Then I looked into a second hand BOSE off ebay, seem decent enoough price wise (£200 instead of £550) but then no guarantee they wont break no warranty etc and obviously no blu ray player.

Would you guys buy from a trusted shop off ebay?

Would you buy from X person something like that knowing it's second hand.
  RS6 C7
Iv'r bought loads of high end stuff on eBay, My TV, Ps3 & Projector.

It's fine, Like you say just buy from reputable places. :)
Bought my AV receiver second hand from someone on AV forums.

Buying second hand is normally fine, my last receiver (also bought second hand) lasted 8 years with me.
  AB182, Audi A5 3.0
Bose used to make good sounding, quality stuff. But these days, they are all about marketing rather than making there systems reproduce the sound correctly. The Bose Lifestyle series are about the worse audio system I have ever heard for true representation.


  BMW 440i
I have some bose speakers for my old laptop, now sold it so there just sitting in the cupboard.

They were £100, and tbh in terms of quality, met the standard of my mates speakers that were another brand and £60.
Wouldn't buy a second hand projector off ebay as you don't know if it's been well maintained. Everything else will should be okay though. Just use sellers with good feed back.

Also have one of these up for grabs second hand in mint condition (hardly used) if you only wanted a 2.1
  Polo + Micra
i'd always be wary of buying second hand speakers tbh as they are the fragile part imho
Samsung blu ray virtual surround sound soundbar with wireless sub can be had for under £500 and its f**king epic!