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  Astra GSI, 172, Golf
nope aslong as the filter is still there it will be fine . it wil sound better if thats what your after but you will get heat soak and slow you down a bit .
  Golf GTD Mk7
Basically I took it off where it attaches to the engine, which made it loader, but slower. Since I put it back on though, the kick at 5k seems less than normal. Also the acoustic valve (at least i think thats where the noise is coming from) is making mile more noise than before.
  Monaco RS Clio 172
when you took it off (the filter pipe), you did shove a filter on before even starting it up, and on the breather pipe, right?

if you have no fit, your throttle body will quickly fill with shite loads of grit and yes, this will definately do it no good.
  Golf GTD Mk7
Will it eventually clear itself out? I didnt drive with it off, but the engine was on when I took it off. Also, why would this effect the acoustic valve sound?