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Does this look like a write off?

Approx parts and labour?

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  Iceberg Ph1
That is 100% mate tbh.. So much body damage there.. What happened? (obviously hit up the rear I know)
  Iceberg Ph1
Gutting! People need to open there eyes! Well end of the day you wasn't at fault.. Hows the neck, back and shoulder? ;)
As its a non fault using a accident company who are doing mine and the person in fronts claim. Great service got a hire car yesterday, lawyers called arranged assessor for today, great communication and i dont have to involve my insurance.
  Iceberg Ph1
I know some people see 'faking' unethical, but tbh who wouldn't, I stood to loose about 3k on a car I owned a few years back after I hit a lamp post after some idiot pulled out and sped off, My lower back was shot, even to this day I still have physio on it, Through the motor insurance bureau I would have received about 3k, I added a bad neck to the equation and ended up with just over 5k in my pocket!

In short, claim for everything lol