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wut is synchromesh

I think it for bringing the gear from the engine into synch with the gear to the wheels. The reverse doesnt have one thats why you have to let the engine revs go down to get in in!

it speeds up the gear you are trying to get into to match the speed of the shaft/gear you are trying to connect it to. does that make sense?

cheesr guys understand now :p

oh yeh wuts the best method to dump the clutch for 0-60 test or quarter miles

do i keep constant rev n hold at grab point n just feed it in gradually? or do i do violent as dump
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

as quick as possible so you dont get bogged down or loose too much traction is the best..try holding the revs at 3000, 3500

Depends what car youre in and where it produces maximum torque and power.

In a 172 youd have to go higher than that as it produces maximum torque at mid 5000s and 172bhp @ 6250rpm so if you dumped at 3000 it wouldnt be very good!

i have this demo on a S4 on friday u see wut i m sayin now? ahahhaha

i think 5000 rpm? maybe? i dont nkow to overwhelm the Quattro system