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Xbox update

  328, MK1 Clio 1.4
I think you can now load a game straight away without having to go through the dashboard.


  FN2 Type R
Not for me lol??

Ive always had to turn on via controller then would go to the dash board.. Now it doesn't... And the settings were set correctly before and haven't changed?
  Astra Twintop
As above, now enables boot straight from disc.

Also stops the Hackers etc from pirating games and the such.
  Ph 1 172
It's always been able to boot straight from disc when turning machine on

It was a option straight to dashboard or load disc in tray apon startup

Well mine had the option
  Blobeye WRX STi W/T
you have always been able to boot straight to disc on startup..well im sure u could :S
you're either being sarcastic which is hard to judge by text,

but if not then I could also boot from disc from start up.
My XBox would boot from disc from day one... then about a year ago an update came out and it stopped booting from disc, until i chnged the preferences..