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xenon bulb problem

  clio 3 dci 106 hp
hi guys .. I have a problem... or a lot of problem.. I had a set of xenon headligts... but in one of it there isn' a part. the part where you put the bubl...little black box and plastisc crown.
this is photo of the part .. where I can find it ??? new/used... please help me... here in Italy is a problem..
I have just bougth the new bul... but.. I can't fit it

Uploaded with
  RB FF 182
The black box is the starter, and the black circle is the bulb holder.

There are usually some starters on eBay, or even in the for sale section on forum. I got a starter on eBay for about £20... Hopefully there will be one that can be posted to Italy.
  RB FF 182
I've never seen one for sale on eBay but I'd try there first.

Try posting in the wanted section. There are a few people on here who supply parts at discount rate. I can't imagine they'd be to expensive.
  clio 3 dci 106 hp
... I can't post in the wanted section because I'm not a full member... :( .. so, I hope that someone take a look on this post..
  RB FF 182
It's well worth the money becoming a member. I've already saved at least 5x my membership with the discounts I've received.