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Some of the text still needs addressing mate..

Who we are -

The birth of Vorax Systems was my idea, after seeing what the larger companies charge for onsite technician work. I decided that I could do better.
Vorax Systems can offer you fast and efficient service at prices that won't break the bank

Computer Repairs -
Vorax Systems will do repairs to home PCs, Business computers and laptop, aswell as basic networking.

We carry out repairs at our premises, but if you like we can collect and deliver for you for a small charge.

PC Cleanup -

If you decide that your computer needs a good spring clean then you have come to the right place.

The gap from the bold text to the body of text ranges from 2 lines, down to 1 line, then no gap at all.

Just looks a little messy and inconsistant.
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cheers, thanks for pointing it out, im on it. You think the site in whole looks ok thou?
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I'm no web designer so I can't really offer any expert opinion.

Viewing it as a potential customer I'd try and "bulk up" the website some more as it seems a little basic at the moment.

Obviously that's just a personal opinion so if any experts come along and tell you otherwise I'd listen to them not me.