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yeah right mr parts salesman



just been down to my local Renault dealers to see about a cup spoiler cos it's next on my to-do list an have been quoted £196.89 of the queens English for it alone!!!! Don't suppose anyone out there has got one in gc they wanna sell me??
I think thats the painted price TBH mate, normally around £130 quid

EDIT - Just clicked that ebay link, what a rip off!
Dont forget you need a brakelight with it too, there about £50!

I got mine 2 years ago for about £150, inc brakelight.
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Just bought a brand spanking new one off ebay and brake light, 70 notes! DONE!

Needs painting mind, but thats a cracking quote price!!
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I got mine for £80 + swap for a Dynamique spoiler

Still had to paint it & get a brakelight but I thought it was a good enough price

Brakelight from Renault was about £27 IIRC