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Yellow PH1

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Check out that extra rear spoiler too, niiiice !!

Yeah the drivers seat looks well manky as does the steering wheel.


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  Golf R
Christ thats a bargain, id snap that up in a minute.

£1000 would put absolutley everything right.

Trophy Recaros upfront and new steering wheel and your laughing!
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I ve just been to see this with a view to buying it.....
The steering wheel is worn, as you would expect really, the driver seat bolster is worn, looks worse in the photos.
One fog light lense is cracked.
All the mounts on the exhaust are fecked and the whole system is very rusty.

All minor things really, the main issue for me is the engine sounds abit loud and tappety, theres also some sort of rubbing on idle sound the camshaft dephaser or idler pully.
It had the cambelt done in 05 at Ford, the service history is abit patchy, it hasn't been serviced for 18 months...
Body work is tidy some slight curbage on the F1's and some parking dents.
Its going to want the belts doing again at least i reckon an it still didn't sound right to me.... :dapprove:
I may put an offer in but I doubt it
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I didn't even bother after listening to it idle, didn't see the point tbh, I had another CS member with me and he agreed it didn't sound right.
If it wasn't for the engine I would have had it.
At a minimum it needs a cambelt kit, aux belt kit and the water pump checked, in retrospect the tappeting could have been the carbon cannister.