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Yorkshire Meet 1-7-2018 Wakefield


ClioSport Club Member
It's about time we got together and met up, put faces to names and picked fault with each others cars?. After the register thread it seems Wakefield is the most central place for most of us so I propose to meet up at The Calder Island pub just off junction 39 of the M1, WF2 7AW. If we meet there at 12.30-1.00pm we can have a drink and chat grab some food (fish n chip shop does takeaway too) and then either go for a drive or as Rob pointed out theres a car meet going on at Sandal RUFC only a few miles away we could drop in on. That is £2 entry which goes towards the rugby club.
Last time for the old tag list I promise!
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Looking at the times for the meet at the rugby club, starts at 11am and finishes at 2pm, so if your meeting at 12.30 and eating the meet might be done before you get there


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Forecast rain for Sunday, maybe. I'll be at the pub at half 12, if nobody else turns up I'll go to the car people and part ex my French tin for a seat and drift away quietly like @Steve_RS2250 has


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My mate is coming next weekend now so might be able to come, just don’t have anywhere to wash the car now?
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Won’t be in the Clio as it’s poorly but just got to the wakey show and there’s some decent stuff here already, I’m in the Mondeo st220