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Yorkshire Members List Thread


ClioSport Club Member
So when we actually going out for a drive then? :rolleyes:

Most of our cars are now fixed so no excuses. I'll even drive mine and make my legs hurt if it means we can all stand in a pub carpark wanking over Clio's


ClioSport Club Member
  focus st3
Can anyone remember when the last Yorkshire meet was,think i went to one at Birstall like 5 years plus back maybe more


North Yorkshire & Humber
ClioSport Area Rep
You don’t have to be a rep to arrange a meet!

If anyone wants to take the mantle of arranging a meet and then having 20 replies on the morning of the meet from people saying:

‘sorry mate, slept it’

sorry, forgot I had a christening’

‘car wont start, not gonna make it’

‘can’t make it, will be there for the next one’

Then be my guest.


ClioSport Club Member
Literally all I used to do was want to go out for a drive but then people wanted to go bowling or for a meal.

Ive got my real friends for that.

Thats about the time I lost interest.
Tbh I don't blame you in that respect. I can agree with going for a pint and a cruise or whatever but bowling... I'd never be bent enough to suggest that
  EP3 Type R
Have I f**k. Its been retired to the garage now.

In other news, the Volvo passed MOT last week first time with no advisories, what a machine!
Wondered where it had gone - had my hopes up after I saw the Volvo on the drive and not the bean. Ah well.
I'll pop round for a cuppa at some stage within the next months...


ClioSport Club Member
The best days were meeting somewhere like TOPO, half an hour natter and a look around peoples cars then a 'spirited' drive.

Then all of a sudden people were trying to arrange half a days go karting or a weekend away at a Spa with brunch.