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You’ve just won the lottery...

...So which cars are going to be behind your gold-plated garage doors?

As for me, it has to be:

Clio 16v, Clio Williams, Maxi-Clio 16v, Clio V6, Clio 172, Clio Cup (see, this topic is Clio-related!), GT Turbo, Turbo 2, Austin-Healey Sprite, 205 GTi 1.9, Golf GTi Mk1, Lotus Elise, Audi Quattro SWB (1983), E30 BMW M3, Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 2, Volvo P1800, Bristol Blenheim 3...erm, thats about it!

Over to you!

E46 m3

e30 m3

skyline GTR34

corrado g60

sunny Gti-r

cl55 amg(anyone who doesnt put this car is a fool)(no offence BenH!!)

sl55 amg

all merc amgs ever built

pagani zonda

ferrari enzo

all i can think of at mo
  320d M Sport

Hmm, wheres your:

Ferrari, Lambo, Merc, Bentley, TVR, Noble, Aston, Caterham, Skoda........


well eh, there has to b a tvr in there speed 12 maybe, original mini with a decent engine in it, integrale, E30 M3, one of that dax rushs with the hayabusa engine in it puttin out over 400bhp, Mk1 escort with cossie engine, clio williams, Grp B RS 200 in fact all Grp B cars, the list goes on n on!!

Ive heard folk talking about the maxi clio, what is it, any pics any where??

AMG E55 - everyday car

Aston Vanquish - Sports Coupe

TVR Cerbera - For the sheer V8 Roar !

Blown & Stripped 172 - For shopping...

Have to think about the italians later....!

I havent got any pics, but it was the Group A rally car that Renault used - first with the 1.8 16v engine, then the 2.0 Willy engine (obviously in a high state of tune!). It had massive wide arches and looked simply stunning.
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

Jaguar XJ220, Ferrari F355 Spider, Ferrari Enzo, Lamborghini Diablo Jota, Mc Laren F1, Mercedes Benz AMG S Class, BMW X5, Porsche 911 Turbo, Mercedes Benz SL500, and one bloody big garage!!
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Clio Williams, Clio V6, Escort Cosworth, Fiesta RS Turbo, Focus RS, Sierra RS500, RS200, Mercedes - Benz SL55AMG, Ferrari 355, Range Rover 4.6HSE, Lexus Soarer Twin turbo, and my 2.0 Fez

clio cup

clio v6 mk2

ferrari enzo

ferrari 360 spyder

aston martin vanquish

porsche 356

porsche 911gt3

pagani zonda

scooby 22b

evo7 fq300

skyline gtr34 vspec

tvr tuscan r

bimmer e46 m3

bimmer m5

merc sl55

audi rs6 avant

alfa 147 gta

bentley gt

honda nsx-r

lambo murcielago

maserati spyder cambiocorsa

pug 206 gti180

nissan 350z

lexus sc430

volvo s60-r


man, what a dream...

What about if you just win a tenner? Buy a metro I suppose.

I would buy a Delorian, as featured in Back to the Future and then spend all my money on doing it up like the one in the film. Then buying another one, making it up like the one in the film, then putting a much bigger more powerfull engine in it. Then buy another one and leave it as it is. Then go driving around car parks in on the of the modifiled ones and pulling skids everywhere and then pressing the dry ice button and spraying it out the back. Just imagine the looks.


Id buy my dads aston..cos he has to sell it :(

Id never get an audi unless it was for the wife..but being 17, that aint gona happen.

Tuscans have a thing about swapping ends when u change down from 4th to 3rd so dont really wana die b4 spending the mullah. My local TVR dealer told me he wrote one of in his first week of driving! lol!

Erm, delorean? ok crazy man!

Oh my choice would be this...

S202 as the weekend car

Porsche 911 turbo as a track day car

Lotus elise 111S as the summer car

My scoob (with lots of modifications) as the rolling road day car

A BMW E46 M3 SMG as the everyday car.

Im not too greedy as i can only ever drive one of these at a time anyway.


Id say, "Here you go nick, these are the keys to my new clio v6 that i havnt driven yet. I dont want it back until i have the same level of horse power that i can put in it in GT3! On a side note Nick ive got a roller to take the shopping home so be a good lad and put 50lb of NOS in the front. Cheers mate"

Oh the dreams of lottery winnings :D

1. BMW E30 M3
2. BMW 3.0CSL
3. Porsche Carrera RS (1973)
4. Porsche 911 turbo (993)
5. Lamborghini Miura
6. Ferrari 355
7. Ferrari 250GTO
8. Ford GT40
9. Lancia Delta Integrale Evo2
10. Lancia Stratos
11. Audi Quattro
12. Ford/Shelby Mustang GT500
13. Renault Clio V6
14. Renault Alpine 110
15. Mclaren F1
16. Aston Martin DB4 Zagato
17. Nissan Skyline R33 V spec
18. Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
19. Dodge Viper
  H22A7 Accord Type R

hmm to name a few......Clio Cup, Aston Martin DB7 Vantage, Ferrari 355, Audi RS6 for that noise! Astra Van wi a big engine n big wheels, to take stuff to the tip etc, Lotus Elise, and i suppose a Fiat Strada Abarth Ritmo 130 :)

Integrale Dealers collection
Lambo Miura
Skyline gtr34 v-spec
911 gt3
AC Cobra
Audi S3
TVR Cerbera
Zagato Hyena Integrale
Mk1 Golf GTi
Ferrari out of Ferris Buellers! 250??
Lancia Stratos (proper one with Ferrari engine)
Aston Martin Vantage (british racing green a-la Living Daylights)

Which would require a win in the region of 15-20 million!!
  Lionel Richie

Gembala porker with 850bhp!!!! £160000

Top Secrect R34 with 1300bhp!!! Probably over £150000

360 spyder on 22s with NOS

Range Rover on 26s


Keep my Clio

Vanquish (spelling)


Cateram xtr





Lancia Delta Intgrale

Evo bmw

And of course a mint 16v with brand new engine!