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You lot are a helpful bunch so.....


ClioSport Club Member
  Laguna V6 and 19 16v

I thought I may as well put another 19 16v problem I have to you (it may be a Renault prob more likely).
My 19 16v has a very wierd ailment (or at least I think it has).
I noticed sometimes when I go round a bend, or steer quite hard, the steering wheel seems to move location (i.e it goes from being straight to not lining up properly). I thought it might be tracking, as there is absolutely no play in the rack, and no noises to indicate it jumping on the rack etc, but Ive had the tracking done, and even though it was way out, it now seems to have amplifyed the problem.
The tyres have worn completely evenly, and there is no play, so im a bit confused. My only thought is it could be something to do with adjustable column, but im not sure what.
Lastly, the car always goes where I want it to, and Im sure its not down to camber of the road.
Please someone tell me they had the same prob and its an easy fix.
Thanks, Tom.

Unlikely to be steering wheel as it is splined.

check the steering rack mounting hardware / bolts for tightness etc.

it sounds like the rack is shifting slightly.


it could be ur track rods mate (not the ends) see if theres any play in the drivers side rod.

my black 19 did that alot, could also be down to the camber in the road too.


Check the column bushes, as when they go they can give some strange feeling movements when you are driving. Had something similar with a reno 21 i used to have, worth having a wee check. Go under the dash and try move the column from side to side near where it goes through the bulkhead. Should move a little, perhaps 5mm each way, but not much more.

Alex M