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Young Driver, Mod Friendly Insurer

If they exsist!? lol!

Basically, renewal is middle of June, and I have a few mods to declare on my Glanza Turbo.

So people, could you please advice on some companies that are good for young drivers on performance cars with mods!?

Thanks all.

Cheapest I found was adrian flux

Fully comp 20yrs old, 2yrs NCB, bodykit, exhaust, alloys, lowered £980

Was cheaper than everywhere else I tried which was practically the whole yellow pages!

Cool, so thats 1 so far....

Adrian Flux

How are companys for after steering wheels? Because the air bag has been removed....


ClioSport Club Member

I recomend HIC as well, only charge for power affecting mods, and then it is fairly reasonable.

As with most companies, try adding your Mum to the Policy, it might bring it down (it did mine).

The only problem with them, is that it can sometimes take ages to get through to them, but bare with them. I imagine tommorrow will be,

All the staff are on commission as well, so always do their best to try and get you a good deal, well have with me anyway. To the point where I phoned up to accept my last quote, and he added a driver, increased the milage and brought the price down £100. Good lad. Just gonna ask to speak to him next renewal.

Oh yeah, and say youre a cliosport member, and that is another discount.
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they dont exisist-they,re all robbing b*rstards! Finally got mine under a grand with 4yrs no claims&a clean license.
its cos im from essex the premium is so high.
Its highly populated wiv chavs.


ClioSport Club Member

01279 719 932

That is the number I have for them, but I posted it ages ago, and someone said it didnt work, although Im pretty sure thats how I get in touch with them.

Like I said, be prepared for a wait on the phone, usually a good 5 minutes, but anything up to 15 to 20. Do it on the works phone if I were you.

I think there is a number in the members area as well, and there was one on that big list wherever that went (which was a very useful bit of info, and now isnt pinned fomr some reason).
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Greenlight were good for me. £200 cheaper than Flux/HIC and only wanted a standard £25 policy amendment fee if I want to stick a different exhaust on it.

Plus you get a 10% discount with ClioSport.

Quote: Originally posted by nobblebonce on 01 June 2005

Greenlight they didnt charge me an extra for my mods also ive heard liverpool victoria are meant to be good
Liverpool Victoria no longer allow any exterior mods other than alloys. No lowering, no bodykits etc.

Got a decent quote off Elephant, all mods declared.

But they do not insure for BOVs even thou they had no power! tw*ts!