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Young Driver's Insurance

  Clio 1.2 Expression
So i'm 17 and looking for insurance on my 1.2 Clio Expression. I'm just wondering how much other young driver's on here pay, with who, and on what car, also your NCB, age, etc. Also how did you get your insurance to be as cheap as possible (legally of course).
  MR2 2.0 N/A & Mk1 1.2Clio
have a look on and to try few insurers at a time.

my 1st years insurance at 17 on a mk1 1.2 3rd party with me dad as a named driver. was 980 with endsleigh.

first years insurance is gay as but you gotta take it, once you get some ncb it gets more reasonable. mine droped to 417 with 1ncb which i thought was good.

add parents or sister on policy see if it brings it down. best way to save is to look around imo
passplus is good. if you really wanted to go all out study for an IAM advanced test.