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Zymol Cleaner wax

  106 GTi
Made by Turtle Wax, and branded Zymol, has no relationship to the expensive Zymol Stuff bar name. Not a fan here.
  Black Gold 182 (Cup Pack)
Smells good! and i think it's awsome stuff, kinda all in one, if you use seperates, your gonna get a better finish, but if you want an all in one package, this i found to be very good.
  1.8 Civic EX
I used it once after I clayed my car it I must say i was most impressed but that was probably more due to the clay than zymol....I juts use Megs NXT Polish now, comes up great every time!
  Hyundai coupe
Horrid stuff far to chalky, last a whole 2 days, like previous post no relation to Zymol at all smells fantastic though