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Recent content by Alex H

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    3 Guys 1 Cup

    Yeah I think it's likely that it is box related too, but the mounts need sorting anyway so will do that and see if it helps.
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    3 Guys 1 Cup

    Off-road tyres by the look of it!
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    3 Guys 1 Cup

    29.4 kg each. Replaced with OMP seats at 10.4kg each.
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    3 Guys 1 Cup

    Harewood was this past weekend, trying to see how close we could get to @Tonyclio with a standard car. No surprises that the answer wasn't very near. Both drivers broke PBs though, so a pleasing day - the 206 hauled round to 69.90 and I found a 68.64 on the 4th and final run, the other driver...
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    Trying to save a £300 172 cup

    Just gone through the whole thread - found it by searching for how to rip a Clifford alarm out. I've seen a lot of Clios over the years and I never would have guessed how much work has been done on it because it's tidy and looks a good one. Happy with the buy and probably happier now seeing all...
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    Trying to save a £300 172 cup

    Bit of a thread revival, but we now own this car - I hope it wasn't stolen or cloned :ROFLMAO:
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    3 Guys 1 Cup

    So me and two friends for a while ran a 206gti180 as a track and hillclimb car - after an unfortunate incident with a tyre barrier at Croft, we decided to move on from the 206. Broke the 70s barrier at Harewood which for a completely standard 206 i'm pretty pleased with, I previously had a...
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    Clios spotted around Leeds

    That might be my old car, HK54?
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    Renault did the cambelt...

    I bought a 182 with timing like this when I bought it, albeit not done by Renault.
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    Why is buying a 172/182 so hard?

    Agree with most points, except belt. It doesn't matter how many belt changes it's had in the past, only that the most recent one is good. Useful indicator of general maintenance I agree. Don't discount a driveway job, with the right tools it's not a difficult job for a competent person.
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    Clio 182 for 1p!

    I had a fair bit of interest on the 182 I listed for sale, but no offers, so listed it on eBay for a 1p start. Whatever it sells for it sells for - have at it!
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    Project Moonstone

    Christ, you don't hang about do you?! Will be following with interest!
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    Clio 172/182 hidden rust traps

    You can add the little floorpan strengthening sections with bungs in to the list. I think someone has jacked up on there before but it's taken out a big chunk of sill with it.
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    AlexH's 182

    New cup shock, bolt and spring fitted. I do regret not changing the spring seat rubbers, but there weren't any in stock when I ordered the bits. I will get round to having a better look at the crustiness under here to at least get it treated. (the damp patches are wd40).
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    AlexH's 182

    A month since the waxoyling.. how long does it take for the smell to go away? The drivers rear shock had sounded a little creaky on the few short drives I've done under lockdown, so I brought forward plans to change the suspension over to the new Cup shocks - replaced the rears in an evening -...