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  1. Antz182


    I would use it probably more than just the weekend, i'm just so bored of driving the 307, I used to love driving the 182. I want that fun factor, but not with the everyday running costs
  2. Antz182


    Having sold my 182 in april 07 to help pay for my flat, it has been sadly missed. I drive around in a 90bhp diesel 307, which is fine for work. Now i have a little bit of free cash available should i buy a good example Williams for the dry weekends or save for a 197 or 225 as my everyday car...
  3. Antz182

    Is £8500 px ok ?

    sounds spot on 8100 is what i was offered for a 54 19k 182
  4. Antz182

    adrian flux

    £2300, i wouldn't bother mate, build up the no claims first, or you'll be stung.
  5. Antz182

    Creative zen V plus

    something i'd like to know too.
  6. Antz182

    Lots of clios in westerham, the grasshopper!!

    There were loads!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Antz182

    Which camera detector should i go for?

    Road angel all the way, spot on!!
  8. Antz182

    Orange Contract £35, Unlimited txts, 550 min, anyone use it?

    I'm on it, free broadband, 550mins, unlimited text and unlimited calls to my magic number (which is the gf). All for £35, been with orange for 7 years, no problems, have always been spot on.
  9. Antz182

    Blue Cup at Bluewater Jap meet K666 Cup?

    Kris, you seen the south east meet thread, up for something?
  10. Antz182

    black 182 LV55E*G- BROMLEY

    Nick, you're spoting everyone at the mo, i have seen noone. i've been around beckenham quite alot recently. haven't seen ya. must go for a beer again soon.
  11. Antz182

    Mk3 Stalk Control

    i'm looking for the same leads, incartec want £94 plus postage, but that goves you display and stalk.
  12. Antz182

    Pioneer DEH-P55BT

    looks good, t23phy how much did you pay for the leads. have you found some that work?
  13. Antz182

    Blue Cup at Bluewater Jap meet K666 Cup?

    It is kris and kelly that own this, have they sold it then? they had it about a month ago.
  14. Antz182

    Pioneer DEH-P55BT

    cool, t23phy i got your PM but your inbox is full. Post some pics once you've got some, that would be great. Dan R any pics?
  15. Antz182

    Pioneer DEH-P55BT

    cool, let me know your thoughts mate. How much and where did you buy it from? Did you get the stalk and display lead too?