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Recent content by cliokiz

  1. cliokiz

    Silver 172 - V7 KTS

    Spotted in Leicester going into De Montfort Uni today. Was behind you in the valver.
  2. cliokiz

    TwentyValver Project Thread

    Nothing wrong with a mongoose exhaust. Great work.
  3. cliokiz

    TwentyValver Project Thread

    Very nice
  4. cliokiz

    K432 MGW, Blue valver, Track prepped.

    You caught the good side then ;)
  5. cliokiz

    TwentyValver Project Thread

    Very, very nice.
  6. cliokiz

    how old are you and what you driving?

    23 and i drive a MK1 1.8 16v track car and a MK1 1.8 16v shell with a 2.0 F7R Williams engine as the daily.
  7. cliokiz

    Lincoln Mk1 Valver Meet

    Awesome, fair play! Really feeling the MK1 love on here which is a nice suprise! :D
  8. cliokiz

    Lincoln Mk1 Valver Meet

    Rot = weight saving, which is FTW.
  9. cliokiz

    Lincoln Mk1 Valver Meet

    There are still some minters about, they're not all rotten My 'N' plate 432 blue valver has minimal rot, which i'll get chopped out and treated to keep her looking fresh. The black one is still solid underneath but the sills and arches are crispy. Again.. needs sorting out. Group buy on...
  10. cliokiz

    Lincoln Mk1 Valver Meet

    The black one, 'VEW'.
  11. cliokiz

    Lincoln Mk1 Valver Meet

    Seriously awesome pics! Love the photo of mine :D Good to meet you mate :)
  12. cliokiz

    Gearbox gone..

    Feckin 'ell, and i thought the old Clio 16v boxes were bad! Does your box have a bolt in diff or does it use the circlip?
  13. cliokiz

    OIL In the Air intake

    Are there any breathers from the engine connected to the airbox? I don't know anything about the F4 series of engines as i have a MK1 16v, but i know oil breathers from the head can give you a nice amount of oil in the airbox on the F7 engine.
  14. cliokiz

    BL04 XPJ, Leicester

    Parked outside my work at De Montfort University
  15. cliokiz

    K7 KTS - Leicester

    Spotted this morning in Leicester near De Montfort University. Looked like a 172? I was in the MK1 Clio 16v