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Recent content by CountryBumpkin.

  1. CountryBumpkin.

    Camping @ CSS 2013

    I'm game for camping,....... At rob and sash's.
  2. CountryBumpkin.

    Camping @ CSS 2013

    2nd that. 3 day weekends ftfw!
  3. CountryBumpkin.

    Camping @ CSS 2013

    Jealousy gets you nowhere Joe.
  4. CountryBumpkin.

    Camping @ CSS 2013

    Why can't I sleep in my car :(. I don't want to spend hours putting a tent up. I just want to pull up, drink and laugh at people putting tents up :(
  5. CountryBumpkin.

    Camping @ CSS 2013

    Remember the coffee incident at FCS many moons ago? I'll hopefully have a different car by then, but I'm definitely camping. Camping @ CSS 2013 1. Aucky 2. McGherkin 3. Scrooge 4. cswalmsley 5. Rob 6. JHead 7. DaveDreads 8. sbridgey 9. Liamm 10. Luke 11. Adam.P 12. RyanG +1 13. DCI RAZ + 1 14...
  6. CountryBumpkin.

    Hi! from somerset

    Welcome, don't forget to check out the South West section for some local meets that Emma. does.
  7. CountryBumpkin.

    Cliosport Saturday Convoy Details

    As I said earlier Tim I can pick up anyone from Reading or Newbury. No problems. If you sort it out, I have no problems leading it.
  8. CountryBumpkin.

    E85 3.0 Z4 Roadster Project

    Re: E85 3.0 Z4 Roadster Project **SEATS FITTED (pics)** Love the seats mate. Which is a surprise for me as I usually hate, brown, cream or red seats.
  9. CountryBumpkin.

    Mars Red V6 #111

    Love it. Much better than Shaun's lunar, just don't tell him :rasp:
  10. CountryBumpkin.

    New member from bristol

    Welcome. Perhaps I can get off my ass and organise a Bristol meet. I drive past Hambrook everyday in my Ultra Red R26. I'll keep a eye out for you :).
  11. CountryBumpkin.

    Me Twingo 133

    Looks awesome Dawn.
  12. CountryBumpkin.

    Fletch's 150k 172 Project..

    Yeah, kind of CBA with the car ATM.
  13. CountryBumpkin.

    Fletch's 150k 172 Project..

    Might make a bit of a effort and come to some south south central meets this year.
  14. CountryBumpkin.

    Fletch's 150k 172 Project..

    Still a shed.
  15. CountryBumpkin.

    Area rep

    And Rob is just wherever.