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    • Crayola
      Crayola reacted to TRH_Racing's post in the thread Clio 197 cup - Time Attack Build with Like Like.
      Quick spam of photo's through the recent prep .. ! Calipers refurbed and painted by MS Custom engineering and new OEM brake lines...
    • Crayola
      Crayola replied to the thread The new tool thread.
      Leverage on cracking nuts and s**t is good too. I've got the US Pro ones and never had them slip I bought some Polish branded swan...
    • Crayola
      Crayola reacted to Djw John's post in the thread The new tool thread with Like Like.
      I don't use mine often but when I do I'm properly glad to have them. Excellent for things like auto tensioners on aux belts as you say
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