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Kangoo Compact (aka Racevan3)

TDLR - im an idiot and keep buying scrap Renaults and a new project is in stock:LOL:

A few months ago in my old job i had a 68reg Kangoo, got it with delivery mileage brand new. Noted pretty crap in diesel form, and handling average however i had heard that the underpinnings were very similar to meg/mk3 clio, and confirmed when having a look underneath briefly.

Said van

Returned when i left the job, good riddance to tracker and 62mph speed limiter. Thought to myself that it would probably be sound, with more power and better handling.

At the time i still had my old Kangoo 172 (Racevan2), which was leagues ahead. Lacked a bit of straight line speed, and deep down im a turbo man missed the turbo torque so sold which stuck some money back in the pot.

With the drive looking less cluttered and bank balance up a few quid said no more projects until my Extra (Racevan1) is back on the road.

Had the idea of a Megane rs powered Kangoo2 for a while, and seen the compact version. The compact is the same length as Clio2. Compared to the usual ml version of the Kangoo2 its like a micro machine.

Press pic of the compact next to ml

Thinking this would be a great project to do once the Extra is done, sat on the idea. The compact is rare to find for sale, as from what i gather nobody bought them with the 4 foot load space in the rear making them pretty useless as a van.

Mrs was looking and seen one for sale on Facebook marketplace, needing a new engine and only down the road. Made the mistake of going for a look, looked pretty unloved but bodywork quite good, engine totally shot. Stuck a low bid in, scrap money and the fella was up for it.

Collected on the back of my mates truck this week

Short arse

Cleaned up and roof rack removed and pushed into position.

Current engine bay half a dci lump with melted pistons on cyl 1 & 4 :LOL:


Had a good look round and the subframe looks pretty identical to meg2 or clio3. Meg rs track control arms, hubs and brembos bolt on as one as already been done, so handling should be great. Mounts look identical to megane, so in theory a meg lump and ndo box should go in (pk box fits).

Wiring may or may not be tricky, however i have been thinking about this, and there is a few options, if all else fails standalone ecu and stack dash.

So will get the Extra done, and then start on this. Watch this space;)
I don't think I've ever seen one before! I like how the doors are basically half the size of the van lol!
It looks so wrong, but by the time you're finished it'll be so right!
Cheers for the replys all, cant wait to get stuck in. If weather is alright over xmas, ill try and get the diseasel out for the scrap man.

Said to the mrs that the 250 cup would make a nice engine donor, did not go down well :LOL:
Looks like the project might be starting sooner rather than later, just bought a meg r26 bottom end with a set of wossners and pec rods fitted, and a rebuilt 250cup pk gearbox.

If i pull my finger out, might make Cliosport festival😉
Engine and r26 number 453 has arrived to strip for parts.

Engine has wossner pistons and pec rods, currently fitted with rs250 head, but will be reverting back to stock to get it fired up. Bought a 19t turbo, and 3" scorpion decat. Should see a bit of progress once the weather picks up.
Had a spare ten mins so tried the R26 clocks in. Plugged straight in, and everything thats possible to test with no engine in works as expected. When opening the back doors the boot open symbol lights up. Every warning light on as nothing is plugged in under the bonnet :LOL:


The only downside is the dash cover would need a little trim to be refitted. Clio3 clocks go straight in so have bought a set and will try them in.

I reckon this might be able to be wired up a bit like a meglio, which is going to be a doddle if thats the case.

Having naughty thoughts about a garrett turbo and cams to suit lol.