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Recent content by kaz_quiksilver

  1. kaz_quiksilver

    172 Shakes when braking?

    I've got this exact problem . Except on a cup , so know it's nothing to do with the abs . I've replaced the discs and pads 3 times now and although it temporarily improves it always returns :/
  2. kaz_quiksilver

    Blue 05 plate 182 in swallow aquatics

    Saw your car parked up in the car park :)
  3. kaz_quiksilver


    ill tell you where you can stick it ............wherever you bloody like haha Most people stick it under the brake light , that's where I always look for a sticker if I see a sport out and about. where did you actually stick yours ??
  4. kaz_quiksilver

    Engine management light and jerkiness

    Soo recently the cup has kind of been hesitating , jerking slightly sometimes when held at highish revs . Well today on my way to work this happened, except the revs were not that high , then all of a sudden , the eml came off and the car when all sluggish and lumpy . I turned the car off and...
  5. kaz_quiksilver

    New guy from Essex

    Yeah haha . Ohh good luck
  6. kaz_quiksilver

    New guy from Essex

    I'm in mayland :)
  7. kaz_quiksilver

    New guy from Essex

    Welcome ! your right out my way :)
  8. kaz_quiksilver

    The "Ive taken a pic and I kinda like it" thread

    Only a crappy iphone picture but I thought it was cool :)
  9. kaz_quiksilver

    What have you done to your car today ???

    Changed a bearing .... Again
  10. kaz_quiksilver

    cats on car

    You wanna try having peacocks on your car grrrrr
  11. kaz_quiksilver

    172 Cup Cake

  12. kaz_quiksilver

    Quick wipe over with a damp cloth

    Big enough buckets ?! Lol .... Looks good :)