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    Tuner GP pics
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    sell for a VX yes/no!

    Currently the Vauxhall VX220 has not been assessed by the (NCAP) European New Car Assessment Programme
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    sell for a VX yes/no! My VX Turbo on track
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    Pics from the Peaks *07/05/05*

    I will be up for another cat and fidler run. And maybe this time I will make it in the vx turbo:)
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    York Vids part 1

    martin your pms are full can you still send me the other run i did thanks 16v Jon do you have any of my runs?
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    York Vids part 1

    thanks Martin Vx Turbo vs Alfa
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    York Vids part 1

    dont supose you have any vids of my vx turbo?
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    Scooby vs Clio

    Here is a few vids from my mates 205 mi16 just to show you what it is capable of
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    Cadwell Park 13/03/05 pics A few pics from a track day at Cadwell Park last Sunday. Not 56k friendly. Best to wait for all the thumbnails to load 1st.
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    Oulton trackday footage - are you on it just to add that there is other footage, pics and a new forum now on the site.
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    Mk2 Clio V6 or VX220 Turbo

    It was very dull when i took those pics and the colour has not come out too well, I will be at oulton park on the 12thFeb so that you can have a good look. Might even be on track , not decided yet.
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    Mk2 Clio V6 or VX220 Turbo Thats my vx 220 Turbo, I changed from a 172 to that a few months ago, Re which one to buy v6 or vx I think it comes down to what you want out of the car. A few points though, the vx was always intended...
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    fastest car here

    I will be at york next season to see what my VX 220 turbo can do, Currently modified to about 250bhp. just for comparison a mk1 elise has 120bhp.
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    Speaker size

    I changed the speakers to 6 1/2", involved making some spacer rings and cutting away some of the plastics in the doors. re the wiring i drilled out a space in the plug that goes into the door hinge. As floodie says it can be done but its a bit tricky
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    172 24K service - quote - £325 !!!

    paid £150 for 24k at renault Leeds