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Recent content by Mark-387

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    Farnborough locals meet idea

    So this isn't happening now ?
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    Fog lights not working

    Could just the fog wire loom it's self as the connectors corrode really easy.
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    Farnborough locals meet idea

    I'm up for this but don't fancy farting about to reading. Maybe it would be good to look at doing a drive on some back roads say pirbright bends or fleet bends heading in a big loop back ect ?
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    Snow foam and lance suggestions

    dont suppose you know anyone to have any in a black and decker fitment ?
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    Farnborough locals meet idea

    Lol^^^^^.. I may have to miss this sadly as I'm now needed at work until 8 and I'm sure your not going to be sat at the quays for over 2 hours. Gutted! I'm hopping that thee will be another local meet shortly after this one.
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    Lambda sensor keeps working loose...?

    Also you could you some of this. or if not some exhaust sealant around the thread.
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    service paper work

    unsure if this is the right section but here goes, im trying to find some service papers that i can download but struggling to find so i can start building up my service history. can anyone point me in the right direction would be a big help. cheers mark
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    Farnborough locals meet idea

    Any news on a time for this meet yet ?
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    Hello! ive got some swirling in the paint work very light nothing bad but it bothers me my question is are there any cutting polishes out there other than t-cut as it's not really what I want to use. Cheers mark
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    Farnborough locals meet idea

    I'm right by ash vale station! I never see anyone In this area good to know some people are around.
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    Farnborough locals meet idea

    Depending on time I'd be up for this as it's 2 seconds away :)
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    Im thinking of doing this decals on my PH2.1

    :headno:.... Don't walk. RUN! Very far away.
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    What have you got your car for christmas?

    Poorboys wheel sealent berry wheel cleaner dodo juice wax new jet wash and some shinny new spanners!
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    9th South Central / East: Surrey Rolling Road : £30! : Saturday 8th February 10am

    1. Saner 2. MarkCup 3. Christopher. 4. Kyle 86 5. Fletch 6. Debussetti 7. Mark-387 +2 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.