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Recent content by MikeyK18

  1. MikeyK18

    The PH1 172 Appreciation Thread.

    Christ i need another PH1 in my life...
  2. MikeyK18

    My PH1, Titanium Heavy lol

    Doing a tidy up of my PC and found a link to this thread.. Depressed isn't the f**king word!! Words can't describe how much i miss this car.. It's long dead now unfortunately due to 2nd owner from me owning it buying it and then breaking it to put the engine in a MK1 clio... No words.. :cry:
  3. MikeyK18

    Photoshop Request

    Hi guys, Was wondering if the photoshop whizz's on here could knock me up a pic of my new derv runaround with some 197 wheels on it?
  4. MikeyK18

    Hi From NI

    Nice PH1 mate. Miss mine everyday!
  5. MikeyK18

    Windscreen washer slow and weak

    I've just fitted these and my screen wash isn't even touching the windscreen, would the tablets mentioned above help clear out my pump?
  6. MikeyK18

    Sticky Steering

    Hey all, I have a 02 dci shed and since today seems to have developed a problem with the steering. It seems to be sticking as I turn the wheel and if I try to let it flow back round when straightening up it sticks on lock, I have to pull it straight for it to straighten up. Have had a look...
  7. MikeyK18

    The PH1 172 Appreciation Thread.

    I need a yellow PH1 in my life....
  8. MikeyK18

    Megane 225

    Alright guys, The time has come where i am about to buy a 225 megane. I have test drove a couple and tbh love how they drive. I was just wondering if i could get a bit of feedback from meggy owners and what are the things i need to look out for. The one im buying is an 04 57k FSH And i must...
  9. MikeyK18

    CLIO IV RS - Trophy from page 111

    CLIO IV RS for 2013, Last news - NEW DETAILS #1779 I have had a good glance through the RS specs on the Renaultsport website and although not everyone seems to like he 200T I think it's one of the nicest looking hatches out, and looks 10x better than the awful front end on the 200. I'll def be...
  10. MikeyK18

    Williams & Trophy

    Good man yourself! Would love a Williams!!!
  11. MikeyK18

    2011 Clio DCi not starting after accident damage

    Anyone came across not starting, does not turn over either. Starter motor does work ok. Crash data has been removed from air bag module. Active codes show injector data link missing. Any ideas? All plugs appear to be in place and all wiring is ok. Airbags, pre tensioners and modules have been...
  12. MikeyK18

    iTunes Match.

    Is anyone on here using iTunes Match? I got it recently and I can't seem to view any of my playlists on my iPad or iPhone, although I can browse through my library and play everything within my library, but no playlists show up. It's frustrating as heck as I have tried turning match on and off...
  13. MikeyK18

    DCi taking ages to start.

    Any ideas?
  14. MikeyK18

    DCi taking ages to start.

    I had the glow plugs changed on Monday and the issue disappeared. The glow plugs were bad and at least 2 of them were completely dead. Was still on the genuine plugs with 105k miles on them lol. Although... On my way to work this morning the same light came on in the dash. Same again, the car...