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    Best 4g sim only deal?

    I've been on GiffGaff for awhile and currently on the 4G trial. I only get 3G at home (Northampton) but when I'm at work (London) I do get some 4G. Not everywhere though, which indicates the coverage is a bit iffy. When I do get coverage it's awesome. Obviously this comes down to EE having...
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    Excel help please....

    Is the MAC Address data the same in Sheet1 and Sheet2?
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    Which Phone

    If you want to go Android I really think it's a no-brainer to go for the Nexus 5 outright and a SIM only deal. It's by far the most cost-effective route. Incidentally, I'll be selling my Nexus 5 in a couple days :o
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    Getting an iPhone 5s from America - Question

    My understanding (perhaps wrong) was that 4G would be fine via GiffGaff (O2) given the band/frequency they use. However, there would be issues if trying to use EE for 4G. Several potential issues though, so I've just ordered the standard UK model.
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    Getting an iPhone 5s from America - Question

    Thanks for feedback guys. I'm just gonna order from the UK to avoid any hassle.
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    Getting an iPhone 5s from America - Question

    Yep I've just been reading up on the LTE/4G stuff. I use GiffGaff (aka O2) and I believe that the network they use for 4G is fully supported, but something like EE (uses other networks) wouldn't have full support. Also have issue of a non-US charger and apparently the warranty would only be...
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    Getting an iPhone 5s from America - Question

    Hey all, This might be a silly question but it's Friday after a long week at work. I'm looking to buy an iPhone 5s outright as I've been on sim-free for ages now and plan on staying that way. I shifted to Android to try out the Nexus 5 and despite being a good phone I just find myself wanting...
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    iOS "must have" apps

    Best of 46 on Flappy Bird but most attempts are <10 Stupidly addictive!
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    Best inear earphones?

    Another vote for the Sennheiser CX300 II. Cracking little things.
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    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    Only just spotted this thread. Been fascinated by the whole thing. I've invested just a small amount in some Peercoin ( Mainly for a little bit of fun more than anything. Reading up on it there seems to be opinion that it's coded in a more long-term, sustainable method...
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    Google Nexus 5

    Turning off Google Now to see how the battery fares.
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    Google Nexus 5

    Nope it's a problem rather than user error.
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    Google Nexus 5

    Yup battery life is pretty awful. Fully charged last night. Watched 45 minute TV show on train then approx 30 mins of Spotify / tweeting and general browsing. As I type this I'm at 41%. Fortunately I'm never far from a charger!
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    Google Nexus 5

    ^^ Ah looks like it's a KitKat thing -
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    Google Nexus 5

    Anybody with the N5 use Spotify? I'm not getting the artwork for some reason, absolutely no idea why.