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  1. New2RS

    Best upgrades for starters Clio 182

    Correct (y)
  2. New2RS

    Mart.s MK6 Fiesta ST Mountune MR200

    I’ve always liked the look of these and this one is no exception. I would definitely lose the wind deflectors as above and the yellow callipers. Just my personal taste but otherwise a good looking car.
  3. New2RS

    Low miles Titanium 182 on ebay

    Could be wrong but it looks like it’s had a new grill, don’t think the stickers are correct but that could have been swapped for cosmetic reasons rather than crash damage. If it’s been for sale forever there could be a deal on. Worth a look IMO of course.
  4. New2RS

    34 years ago Rallying lost a big talent.

    What an awesome spectacle. Rally driving at that level truly is an art form. Such a shame accidents like that were allowed to happen.
  5. New2RS

    34 years ago Rallying lost a big talent.

    From what I’ve seen you were the “man” if you got your fingers on the paint work of a passing group B rally car. A period of unlimited horse power and courage that I look back on in admiration and disbelief. Maybe Henri Toivensen wasn’t a massive player in that arena but any man/co driver who...
  6. New2RS

    Handling issues

    I imagine it would make a difference as there are differences in spring rate between the two. There should be coloured markings on the springs, check that they match.
  7. New2RS

    New (to me) Clio 182- decat, poor running on cold start- worth a remap?

    If you don’t go down that route you need to get your car to Chris at EFI Parts in Runcorn. Absolute wizard with Renaults and a top bloke to boot.
  8. New2RS


    Yes, it’s got the circular inspection hole to get to the sump plug.
  9. New2RS


    The second item down on the left should be what you need.
  10. New2RS

    Buying OEM suspension from scratch - shopping list

    Pretty sure you can’t use BC top mounts with OEM struts. I’m sure I spoke to Kam Racing about that a while ago.
  11. New2RS

    If you had to choose one or the other for your clio?

    You can’t go wrong with a full poly bush, will knock years off the motor.
  12. New2RS

    Handling issues

    Me personally, I’d never replace one spring without doing the other but I’m unsure if there would be any major effects from what they have done. Do the arb bushes, eliminate them as they need doing anyway. Test the car and look to the next area if needed.
  13. New2RS

    Handling issues

    Well in any case it sounds like they need changing. Have you grasped the wheels and checked for any movement in any direction?
  14. New2RS

    106 turbo winter project

    I find it hard to believe some people can take so little pride in their work. Car looks great now. Good effort.
  15. New2RS

    Rain/light sensor removal

    They should have 90% of the loom as it powers the interior lights, vanity mirror lights?