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  1. pecan

    Brakes not working on cold start!

    Well that's another point, they ain't been bled for ages. But on the other hand it's been fine over the Christmas period with temperatures as low as -8, and now it's started to warm up it's been playing up. Mystery. Seems ok now.
  2. pecan

    Brakes not working on cold start!

    This morning the brakes have been fine. It's 5c outside so maybe it was to do with the cold weather. I'll keep an eye on em (or a foot).
  3. pecan

    Brakes not working on cold start!

    My alarm has always been fine. Brakes have been fine all today, I've left the car for a couple of hours between short drives. It seems to do it only when it's been standing cold for a long period, i.e. over night or a long shift at work. Looking to sell the thing now I think, gonna go sniff...
  4. pecan

    Brakes not working on cold start!

    Well I fitted Brembo HC discs with cheap Renault pads, not a great pad choice I know but I don't do track stuff. They've been fine until now and suddenly they've gone to s**t, maybe I do need some more pads. I'll check the wear on em tomorrow.
  5. pecan

    Brakes not working on cold start!

    Over the past couple of days when I start my car in the morning to go to work or after work my brakes dont seem to work. After I pump them about ten times they seem to gradually feel better and then they feel normal. They come back pretty quickly, sometimes before I reach the end of our side...
  6. pecan

    Autoleads question. Yes, I've used search..

    Ok after 2 trips to Halfords (who don't know their arse from their elbow) and searching through here I still can't come to a conclusion on which Autoleads harness I need to use my steering wheel remote with my new Pioneer headunit. Mine's a 53 plate 172 Cup. :P Please advise. <3
  7. pecan

    Screwy intermittent wipers on 172 Cup

    I've found that with mine the speed adjuster only works on the first wiper setting (as it should), however when it's set on the first notch it seems to make it's own mind up when it wipes but on every other notch it seems to be controlled. So it looks like I'm having the same problems as you but...
  8. pecan

    Help! Anybody know the easiest way of...

    Yea, thanks, I had a look at that. He doesn't say where he brings out the other end though. It seems like it's just a case of removing different parts until you get it where you want it. I think I'll be following Fubar's guide for the wiring, as it has pics.
  9. pecan

    Help! Anybody know the easiest way of...

    Anybody know the easiest way of feeding a cable behind the centre console in a 172 Cup? I'm thinking of hard wiring a sat nav charger cable to the cigarette lighter and want the other end to come out on top of the dash (in the tray thing with the rubber mat (after I've drilled a hole for it))...
  10. pecan

    Changing 172 Cup springs. Advice?

    Thanks for the comments guys, I haven't got any spring compressors, which is why I'm asking the question.. I don't fancy buying some for this one occasion... tryna do it as cheaply as possible, i.e. no cost. :)
  11. pecan

    Changing 172 Cup springs. Advice?

    Hi guys, I am hoping to replace both front springs on my Cup without spring compressors, I beleive it's possible.. I also assume that this is also true when swapping for OE springs (like I am going to do) as well as lowering springs. Can someone explain to me why it's possible to get away with...
  12. pecan

    She scrubs up well!

    Is that a CTR ariel or a Mazda 3 MPS ariel?
  13. pecan

    172 Cup front springs

    Looks like I'm in the market for a pair of front springs for the Cup. I'll probably opt for OE parts. I don't really want to lower it and I ain't got coilover money. What can I expect to pay for a set of front springs from Renault? Anyone got any advice on where I should buy from if not...
  14. pecan

    Silver 172 - North Staffs Royal Infirmary

    I saw this parked in the priority spaces next to the main entrance earlier today. It had a 'Ring sticker on the tailgate and a RenaultSport sticker, apart from that it looked standard.
  15. pecan

    197 at the motorshow today

    just the two? :)