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Recent content by smac4494

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    Fibre glass door in regards to mot

    maybe i'm simplifying what I've done. But the bonnet and tailgate are already FG, The only interior items are the door handles, drivers 4kg bucket seat and seatbelt. I didn't weigh it before but the weights down to 697kg. Only other changes were a full service and cone intake filter.
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    Fibre glass door in regards to mot

    It'll never happen, I face my enemies head on. well I've increased my MPG from 38.6 to 59.4 by just stripping the interior. The doors weigh more than the seats. I'm not into guesstimating but i've got my fingers crossed for 65MPG+
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    Fibre glass door in regards to mot

    If I get an answer to the question I had a tracked clio with the pillars reinforced with copper pipe. Sorted that problem. Besides I'm not really planning to do 90 in a 1.2 on the road. They open, they close, they're not supporting the structure of the car. Not an MOT fail, but i'd prefer to...
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    Fibre glass door in regards to mot

    I’ve been stripping out my daily (1.2 mk2) and trying to get the mpg up for a while now. I’ve been considering grp doors, bonnet and tailgate but I’m a bit concerned about the mot verdict. The mot test manual has no reference to fibreglass, or any specific materials but I can almist here the...
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    rear seat bases

    What you want to do is unzip the upholstery and push it all as far out of the way as possible. Then weld an extension bar onto the rear bolt and really weld the f&ck out of it. Like kill it with flux kind of weld. Once the new bonded extension is cold, SLOWLY! Turn the bolt back and forth while...
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    dash vin swop

    Two small pieces go into the dash from the vin plate. It can be pulled out with force and pushed in with force
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    LY 182 reg EK05OAZ

    Not the famous converted LY. But check the drivers footwell for odd parts just to be safe
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    Locking wheel bolts - no key

    Weld. It is literallly the easiest and quickest method. A few sheets of tin foil will stop any splatter, if you care about your alloys hat much. It takes seconds and you don't look like a window licker hammering and drilling at something for hours just to have to rethread the hub.
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    Inlet / rail guard

    You'll want to use high temp paint or hammerite so I'd say at least 9 hours drying for good measure. The real challenge is getting the dust off.
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    MOT fail. Looking for help

    As above, and you need to check the line connections are all dry and secure. But chances are a little bubble has got in through the bleed nipple
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    MOT fail. Looking for help

    Did you compress the calliper piston back in before you fitted the new pads?
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    Argh lost locking nut

    You'll be lucky if your rac tech has one in his van. How common do you think those tools are? There's a clue in the price. £170 for a tool that only has one real use compared to a half decent arc welder? Take it to a garage and they'll be using a welder because they know a tool that does many...
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    Argh lost locking nut

    So "properly" is buying a 170£ tool that you only use 4 times on one day instead of paying a semi competent tradesman to do a minute of welding for a tenner? Do you work for the government?
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    Argh lost locking nut

    Get someone who knows how to weld then.