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  1. David172

    Whiteline ARB fitting problem?

    Hi all, Currently trying to fit a new rear ARB and I have a slight probelm 😬 Doing up the nylock nuts on the links is stupidly difficult. Im having to use a breaker bar to get the nut to turn. In the process the link has been bent out of shape! See pic.. Should they be this bloody tight...
  2. T

    Ten tonne motorsport -budget Clio build

    so I thought after 8 months of ownership I’d join the forum and start a build thread so you guys can tell me where I’m going wrong lol. So I bought the car completely standard in April from Chris at beanie sport with dephaser and belts done the day I collected. It was bought to be used as a...
  3. Potatoes

    Whiteline ARB - Lost D Bracket

    I have a Whiteline ARB fitted and recently lost one of the d-brackets that secures the ARB to the Clio's sway bar: I've contacted a few Whiteline distributors and can't seem to get the part sold seperately. I'm not happy moving my 1 remaining bracket to the middle so hoping to get a replacement...